SKAN HOLZ HELME AS is garden- and summerhouses producer situated in South-Estonia.

Our year production capacity is approx. 15 000 easily assembled garden- and summerhouses. We offer houses with wall thicknesses of 19, 28, 45 and 70mm.

Most of our produce is exported.

Our garden houses with 19mm thick walls are well-suited as a tool shed or a storage space to supplement your residence or summer house. Storage is always a problem in a household. Naturally, the garden house will also function as a design element. The product range includes garden houses with one and two rooms.

Garden houses with 28mm walls are also suitable for storage of equipment, but they are primarily intended as places for leisure, relaxation and spending time with friends. You can formulate the optimal solution for yourself. For example, the product range includes a house without a doorstep for easier access with a lawn tractor or a lawnmower.

Most of the garden houses with 28mm walls can be extended with an extra canopy and extra terrace. You can create a wonderful sitting area and add e.g. a table and chairs. A combined terrace and balcony protects from sun and rain alike. For example, a patio house with a roofed terrace of 380x380cm and a storage area of 380x150-250cm provides a multi-functional solution for a cozy corner in your garden. All garden houses have a simple and robust structure. The client should be able to assemble them without problem. Doors and windows are glazed with 3mm thick glass and decorated with real sprosses. Certain models are also available with door and window seals for enhanced weather resistance.

Garden houses with wall thickness of 45mm fulfil the same general functions as the 28mm garden houses. The main differences are a more solid wall structure, curved gables and higher doors. The doors and windows are already equipped with tilt-and-turn fittings for improved convenience. The design of doors and windows varies between certain models.

Summer houses with wall thickness of 45mm and 70mm (the so-called Plus Range) are more spacious, primarily intended for recreation and function perfectly as summer cottages. The houses are fitted with insulated and double-glazed doors and windows, drop noses etc. The floor and roof can be insulated at request - the models are equipped with the necessary technical solutions! The corner joints are made with a more weather-resistant windbracing joint. You can choose a single-room model or a larger model with multiple rooms, solid-wood inside doors and an additional storage area with a sleeping platform. Summer houses Ottawa and Vancouver with 70mm walls also include robust stairs of solid wood.

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