Garden houses 28 mm

The garden house with a wall thickness of 28 mm is suitable for storage, but is more intended as a place to take time off, rest and spend time with your friends. Everyone can come up with a suitable solution. We also offer, for example, a house without a door threshold, which allows you to easily bring in a lawn tractor or lawnmower.

Most garden houses with a wall thickness of 28 mm can be additionally fitted with a root shelter and a terrace. You can create a great seating area for yourself by placing, for example, a table and chairs. For example, a terrace house with its 380 x 380 cm terrace-shelter part and 380 x 150-250 cm storage space is already a complex solution for creating a cozy corner in your garden. All houses are of simple and strong construction. Setting up on your own should not be a problem. The doors and windows are glazed with 4 mm glass. On some models, we also offer doors and windows with a seal to make them even more weatherproof.